Thursday, September 9, 2021

S4G Supports Volunteers Who Answer the Call!


"Hope is often the first casualty and the hardest thing to get back. 
What PRS does really well, what it encourages family and community members 
to do really well, is hope by proxy...At PRS, I’ve gotten to make that a part of my job. I can be hopeful for people when they’re not hopeful for themselves."
                                                                                PRS CrisisLink Crisis Worker

In August, Social4Good (S4G) supported PRS' volunteers who provide life saving services through CrisisLink, a 24/7 hotline, text and chatline.  

Support for Mental Health - now more than ever!

PRS volunteers are answering the call to prevent crises from occurring, intervention when they do, and assistance to those who lose loved ones due to traumatic events. .  In 2020, PRS answered nearly 75,000 calls - up 30,000 from the previous year.  These hard working volunteers complete 60 hours of crisis hotline training, including a two-day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills certification program.  Then after supervised hotline training, they commit to weekly three-hour shifts for one year.

Showing appreciation for those who help save lives and 
prevent crises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across our region! 

On August 26th, S4G members gathered to write notes of appreciation and create stress relief support bags to show PRS volunteers how much they appreciate what they do.  From comfy socks to scented candles, along with mindful inspirations, gift cards for refreshments and so much more. Due to the generosity of members, S4G was able to create 50 appreciation bags and donate additional funds to be used by PRS to purchase items from their Amazon Wish List.  

"We are truly blown away by the kindness and generosity of your gifts. 
The care packages are beyond our expectations, and the extra donation for 
supplies for our programs meets a huge need that is not normally met. 
It was a true pleasure to meet you and the incredible women in your group. 
It was the highlight of my month meeting you all and feeling your kindness. 
We need more of you all in this  world!
Lauren Padgett, CVA, Director of Resource Development, PRS

Special thanks to the PRS Team: Phyllis Lee and Leslie Pennington (leads), Debra Comizio, Patti Cooksey, Lee Ellis, Patty Kehoe, Margaret Kerfoot, Paige Melville, Mary Michelsen, Patti Vaughn and Kerry Walton