Tuesday, May 11, 2021

S4G Works With Morgan's Message to Take a Shot at Mental Health


Social4Good's (S4G) May project to support Morgan's Message (MM) was a resounding success in meeting two goals - provide financial support for training and resources for MM's network of high school and college Ambassadors and raise awareness of mental health issues in our community. 

Morgan's Message strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health care within the student-athlete community by raising awareness  through the real-life stories of college and high school athletes. Morgan's Message Ambassadors are part of an education program that is expanding the dialogue around mental health by normalizing conversations while empowering and supporting those who suffer in silence and feel alone.

On May 8th, S4G hosted a "9 for 9" walk to honor Morgan's jersey number and raised over $3000.  50 members and friends reconnected over brunch and learned more about Morgan's Message from Morgan's parents Dona and Kurt Rogers and three Ambassador Liaisons.  The Rogers and their 250 Ambassadors are committed to ending the stigma about mental health through peer to peer conversations on high school and college fields across the country and encouraging families to have the hard conversations about mental health with the families. 
It's OK not to be OK.

Mental illness can be invisible in athletes. They are performers driven at a high level and are very good at hiding or masking their emotional pain.  Depression and anxiety also manifest in student athletes who are coping with an injury as they lose their identity as an athlete.  All of this makes recognizing student-athletes of concern challenging.  While the stigma is softening, barriers still exist to accessing treatment, making it difficult for athletes in need to receive necessary support.  Shame and embarrassment are often associated with seeking help. 

Morgan’s Message amplifies stories, resources, and expertise to confront student-athlete mental health, builds a community by and for athletes, and provides a platform for advocacy.  
The success of S4G's May project is thanks to:
  • Machine Performance Center for hosting  Saturday's event. 
  • East Meets West Yoga and Cycle Chi for offering 9 for 9 classes to their clients. 
  • Caboose for a delivering our delicious brunch and Greenheart Juice for providing store coupons for our walkers.
  • Mayor Linda J. Colbert for joining us to learn more about MM and Social4Good.
  • S4G Team May:  Patty Kehoe (lead), Suzie Egolf, Elizabeth Gay, Phyllis Lee, Mary Michelsen, Sheila Murphy, Leslie Pennington and Amber Williams