Monday, December 7, 2020

Social4Good Hosts "Fill a Truck = Warm Winter Wishes"


Win/Win for Social4Good, Our Community and Good Shepherd Housing!

Over the course of two days, S4G collected 5,178 pounds of clothing, towels, linens, shoes and accessories which was turned into a donation for Good Shepherd Housing to support their mission to reduce homelessness, increase community support, and promote self-sufficiency.

As closets were turned over for the cold weather, people expressed their excitement that cleaning out their closets would help those in need. S4G plans to host another drive in the spring to support another local nonprofit.

Special thank you to:
  • Fill a Truck Chairs: Mary Michelsen and Sarah Shamlal
  • Our S4G volunteers: AnneMarie Wemmlinger, Anne Motz, Faith Boettger, Kerry Walton, Marie Crizer, Anja Jacobi, and Mary Flounlacker
  • The 70+ donors who literally filled a truck with their donations
  • Horizon Industries, Ltd.
    who provided the truck and muscle for unloading

1 comment:

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