Monday, March 16, 2020

Social4Good Launches FCPS Encouragement Fund - Providing Resources to Homeless and Unaccompanied Rising College Students

Social4Good Starts FCPS Encouragement Fund

Each year, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and FCPS Foundation help homeless and unaccompanied high school seniors apply for and obtain financial aid for college. Often, these students lack money for basic needs like dorm room gear, transportation, and any unexpected expenses. 

Recognizing this challenge, Social4Good members will create a new fund to provide desperately-needed financial resources to support college-bound homeless and unaccompanied students. Working with FCPS and the FCPS Foundation, this fund will assist students with unexpected or extra expenses, such as transportation, books, housing items, and other basic needs. 

Donate today to send a powerful message to these graduating seniors that the community is behind them as they work towards a better future.

Consider donating an amount related to the year you graduated from college to pay it forward for a student just starting their journey. Whether you are Class of 1970 or 1999 - know that your $70 or $99 will go a long way towards supporting students!

Fairy Godmother Project Team: Deana Hally, Ellen Boyle, Elizabeth Murphy, Faith Boettger

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