Monday, March 16, 2020

Social4Good Launches FCPS Encouragement Fund - Providing Resources to Homeless and Unaccompanied Rising College Students

Social4Good Starts FCPS Encouragement Fund

Each year, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and FCPS Foundation help homeless and unaccompanied high school seniors apply for and obtain financial aid for college. Often, these students lack money for basic needs like dorm room gear, transportation, and any unexpected expenses. 

Recognizing this challenge, Social4Good members will create a new fund to provide desperately-needed financial resources to support college-bound homeless and unaccompanied students. Working with FCPS and the FCPS Foundation, this fund will assist students with unexpected or extra expenses, such as transportation, books, housing items, and other basic needs. 

Donate today to send a powerful message to these graduating seniors that the community is behind them as they work towards a better future.

Consider donating an amount related to the year you graduated from college to pay it forward for a student just starting their journey. Whether you are Class of 1970 or 1999 - know that your $70 or $99 will go a long way towards supporting students!

Fairy Godmother Project Team: Deana Hally, Ellen Boyle, Elizabeth Murphy, Faith Boettger

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Friday, March 13, 2020

The Windard Foundation and S4G Partner to Spread Joy and Hope to Alzheimer's Caregivers

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Recognizing that Alzheimer's caregivers are experiencing further stress from restricted visits, cancelled day centers, and self-quarantining for older Americans, The Windward Foundation and Social4Good (S4G) decided to move forward with this month's project to create and deliver Alzheimer's caregiver care packages as they were needed now more than ever! 

When the project was launched, S4G members quickly signed up to sponsor 30 Windward Foundation caregivers, send packages to five of their own loved ones, and bake or sponsor cookies from the FCPS Davis Center to provide something delicious and homemade.  

On March 12th, 18 members met to learn more about The Windward Foundation, the impact caring for a loved one can have on families, and create care packages which included cards specially designed by Oakton High School's honors art students signed by the S4G members.  

On Friday, S4G volunteers personally delivered boxes and balloons to show support and kindness for each recipient.  The stories each caregiver tells is filled with love and compassion.  
  • A caregiver who drives 100 miles a day, 4 days a week to take her husband to an adult day center for those with cognitive impairments.
  • A woman who has been caring for her husband since he was diagnosed 8 years ago at 58.
  • A man who cared for his wife for as long as he could and then faced the stress of finding the best care while facing financial and emotional challenges."My dad had so much fun looking through the box...He said no one has ever asked if he was ok. Thank you for making our day."
  • An S4G member's neighbor who recently moved her mom to a memory care unit. "This is the loveliest thing. I am just so touched and it has made my day! Truly! Thank you! 💜"
  • A Vienna resident who was surprised and grateful "thank you so much, this is so unexpected and so nice of you to be out doing this with all that is going on."

Rabab Butti S4G member, Alzheimer's caregiver, and Hope & Joy care package deliverer said, "The Windward Foundation" care packages to caregivers of Alzheimer's patients is a beautiful recognition to the caregiver and the patient.  The recipients were truly appreciative of the thoughtfulness and personal visit - especially when so many are feeling even more isolated during the virus."

If you or a loved one is providing care to someone with Alzheimer's, The Windward Foundation provides community, support, resources during every step of the journey.