Launched in August 2019, Social4Good (S4G) educates, engages, and empowers women to make a difference in Northern Virginia.  Each month, S4G provides opportunities to learn about critical needs while identifying clear, actionable ways to support those needs with small donations that collectively make a big difference to our local nonprofit partners.

This June S4G Partners with BRAWS to End Period Poverty 

Bringing Resources to Aid Women’s Shelters (BRAWS) distributes bras, undergarments, and menstrual products to women and girls in need, offering dignity and hope in uncertain times. Through conversation and action, BRAWS aims to promote menstrual equity and ensure that all people who need menstrual supplies and fitting undergarments have regular access to these basic necessities. 


How You Can Support Menstrual Equity and Bring Dignity to Young Girls in Need

Our goal it to raise $5000 in both in-kind and financial donations to help fill one pallet with menstrual products and to provide Always pads, new sports bras, and new bralettes for tweens and teens. How you can participate:


In a national contest to grant 10,000 pairs of Bombas socks to nonprofits addressing homelessness, Social4Good (S4G) was awarded 1,000 pairs for NOVA nonprofit Shelter House

In January, Grapevine announced a program to donate 10,000 pairs of socks to nonprofits identified by giving circles like S4G. S4G nominated Shelter House to recognize the organization’s mission to provide housing location support, rental assistance, and intensive case management services to help those experiencing homelessness return to housing as quickly as possible. 

2024 Projects- 6 Nonprofits & Over $22,500 in Good So Far!

2023 Projects- 15 Nonprofits & Over $57,600 in Good

2022 Projects- 12 Nonprofits & Over $52,400 in Good

2021 Projects- 12 Nonprofits & Over $37,600 in Good

2020 Projects - 16 Nonprofits & Over $37,700 in Good

2019 Projects - 5 Nonprofits & Over $27,700 in Good

Social4Good Steering Committee

Faith Boettger, Chair | Margaret Kerfoot, Vice Chair 

Chris Pisani, Treasurer | Sarah Shamlal, Secretary 

Sheila Murphy, Communications | Patti Cooksey, Project Advisor 

Suzanne Jenkins, Project Advisor | Sarah deKramer, Project Advisor 

Marcy Rehberger, Project Research| Ann Smith, Project Research

Leslie Pennington, Membership | Debra Comizio, Membership

Deana Hally, At Large | Diana Katz, Giving Circle Advisor

Social4Good - Established August 2019 to Support Northern Virginia

Individuals and nonprofits interested in learning more about Social4Good's model 

for building community and making local impact should email 

Faith Boettger, Chair, or Leslie Pennington, Membership, at